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David T. McKenzie - Criminal Defense Attorney from Oklahoma City, OK

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Criminal Defense Attorney from Oklahoma City, OK

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DUI/DWI Defense Attorney from Oklahoma City, OK
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Criminal Law & Trial Attorney

Award-winning litigator, attorney, and counselor, David T. McKenzie, has over 30 years of experience in jury trials and criminal law. As a criminal defense attorney from Oklahoma City, OK, he has represented more than 7,500 clients in over 250 jury trials in both state and federal court for everything from parking tickets to murder. 

With David T. McKenzie, working as a criminal trial lawyer isn't a 9-to-5 job; it's a 24-hour job. You’ll receive diligent, aggressive representation and the assurance that your rights are protected from the initial proceedings to the end of the trial. 

You can contact us at (405) 232-3800. 

The office of David T. McKenzie will typically get back to clients within 24 hours. 

Consult with Our Criminal Defense Attorney 

In criminal trials, the stakes are high. Since you are facing steep penalties that include high fines and possible jail time, you need a legal advocate that aggressively defends your best interests. At our law firm, that’s exactly what we do. Call us today to schedule an appointment with our attorney. We will review the particular facts of your case and prepare the strongest defense that the circumstances allow. 

While no one can predict the outcome, our lawyer will work tirelessly to resolve your criminal charges as favorably as the facts of your case allow. In some cases, the prosecution may offer to reduce or drop your charges once the facts and police procedures are reviewed. We’ll make sure you fully understand the proceedings so that you can make important decisions. 

If your case does go to trial, you can rest assured that our attorney will fight to protect your rights and put up a vigorous defense before the jury. Courtroom proceedings can be complicated and intimidating, but our law firm is on your side. We’ll keep you informed about the proceedings and advise you on your options throughout the process. If you have been charged with a crime, the clock is ticking. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.  

Call us to schedule a consultation with our trial attorney. David T. McKenzie represents clients in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

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Trial Attorney Working in Criminal Defense in Oklahoma City, OK

Quality Criminal Defense in Oklahoma City, OK

Trial Attorney Working in Criminal Defense

About Us

Having a law degree doesn't automatically make you a good lawyer — you need experience, commitment, and a passion for helping your clients. David T. McKenzie has all of these, and when he takes on a case he expects it to go to a jury. Here, in David and in our team, you will find protection for your rights with the integrity and fortitude it takes to stand before a judge and jury and argue your case. Jury experience matters, especially in cases of criminal law. So does education, and we're constantly working to expand our education and better ourselves to ensure that we can meet your needs.

David began his career as a prosecutor more than 25 years ago, before working in private practice for some time. He then took a job as a felony trial attorney in the Oklahoma office, then retired, and now he's back to private practice, acting as a trial attorney working in criminal defense. You'll have direct access, including your attorney's cell phone number to talk about the case, and you'll get the personalized service you need.

  • AV Preeminent Rating By Martindale-Hubbell for the Last 26 Years
  • Maurice Merrill Golden Quill Award By Oklahoma Bar Association In 2014
  • Earl Sneed Award for Outstanding Contribution To CLE By Oklahoma Bar Association In 2014
  • Barry Albert Award for Excellence In Advocacy By Oklahoma Criminal Defense Lawyers Association In 2011
  • Defender Of the Year By Oklahoma Bar Association In 2010
  • Clarence Darrow Award By Oklahoma Criminal Defense Lawyers Association In 1997


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